Good Travel destinations in the UK

The summer holiday season is upon us and many Britons look forward to hopping on a plane and lounging somewhere on a distant beach, but one doesn’t have to travel that far in order to find some fantastic holiday destinations. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the country. There are some beautiful spots in the UK just waiting to be discovered and on top of that, getting there is cheaper than a flight and a lot less hectic. You can fit your whole family in the car easily and don’t have to worry about baggage restrictions. Especially when considering that the cost of car insurance has reached its lowest point in four years and that second hand cars are cheaply available on sites such as, holidays in the UK are getting rather popular. Some lovely places to visit in Britain include the Norfolk Broads and the Yorkshire Dales.

Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are a unique network of rivers a few miles east of Norwich. The Broads are Britain’s largest protected wetland area and a paradise for all wildlife lovers. Otters, birds, dragonflies and many other rare species call the Norfolk Broads their home. You can hire a boat to explore the area and discover the rivers in a unique way. There are different styles of boats available for hire from old traditional yachts to modern, comfortable cabin cruisers.

Yorkshire Dales

According to Lonely Planet, the Yorkshire Dales are the third best region worldwide to visit in 2014. Most of the Yorkshire Dales are part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which is famous for its rugged peaks, windswept moorlands, green valleys, dry-stone walls, picturesque villages and winding country roads. The Dales offer a range of different activities. Most tourists come here to enjoy the scenic countryside. The area is ideal for cyclists, hikers and climbers. There are plenty of caves and castles to explore and museums and country houses to visit. Some of the beautiful towns and villages in the Dales that are worth a visit are Settle, Clapham and Horton in Ribblesdale. The latter is also a good starting point for all those wanting to conquer the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

If you’d rather spend your holidays by the seaside then Haven holiday might be a viable option for you. Haven holiday own 35 holiday parks all along the UK’s beautiful coastline from Cornwall, Kent and the Lake District all the way up to Scotland. So you don’t have to travel far to find beautiful landscapes and great entertainment.

Holiday car hire: top destinations by cost

Flying to the US costs more than to Europe, but holidaymakers at least can save hundreds on car hire once in the States.

With an average price tag of £289 for a compact family car hired in Orlando Airport in Florida, rental costs are up to £600 per week less than in other popular destinations.

By contrast, holidaymakers in Portugal pay more to hire cars than those in any of the other 12 most-visited holiday locations by British tourists, as listed by the Office for National Statistics.

Car hire from Faro Airport costs an average £965 per week.

In each country the cost, collated by, was based on the average charges of five car hire companies, Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Europcar. Holidaymakers can, at some locations, find cheaper local car hire companies, normally located in airport car parks rather than in the terminals.

Optional extras and insurance account for most of the difference. Drivers pay £304 on average to rent a compact family car during the first week of August, but the add-ons – such as excess waiver insurance, insuring a second driver, taking satnav and a child’s seat – pushes up the price to £563.

Staying in the UK for the summer may cut out the expense of air travel, but with average hire car costs of £660 from Heathrow, a holiday in Britain may not always be cheaper in terms of travel spending. Drivers in London pay £414 for add-ons like insurance and a car seat, as opposed to £360 for motorists in Brussels.

The biggest cost: excess waiver insurance

Excess waiver insurance is the biggest cost at the rental desk, with drivers paying an average of £100 per week across the destinations.

This insurance means that if the driver damages the vehicle they won’t have to pay the “excess”, or the first part of the claim – which could be as much as £700.

Specialist insurers, such as the AA, or, have moved into the market offering cheaper, standalone cover. So instead of paying for the car hire firm’s own excess waiver insurance – which could be £15 or £20 per day – these other insurers provide cover for a fractioin of the price. If you damage the vehicle you have to pay the excess to the car hire firm, and you then make a claim to the standalone provider.

Petrol is the other cost which differs widely. A full tank in the UK is £52, slightly cheaper than the £59 it costs to fill up in Italy and Holland – whereas Britons heading to Florida this summer can expect to pay just £23.

The car hire costs below included a week’s rental with four added extras (excess waiver insurance, satnav, a second driver and a child’s seat), as well as the price of a tank of petrol (40 litres).

Las Vegas attractions: what to see and do in summer

Why go?

A Wild West town on the edge of the desert, there’s more to do in Las Vegas than just gamble. Adventure awaits just outside the city limits and there are a couple of summer activities within minutes of the strip that are worth braving the sweltering heat for.

Summer attractions

Streaking down the middle of downtown’s old-fashioned casino row, this 1500ft-long canopy flashes with 12.5 million synchronized LED lights and booms with 555,000 watts of sound as zany six-minute-long animated movies play overhead.
Fremont Street, between Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Springs Preserve

Unearth the past at this multimillion-dollar natural history museum complex, also home to the Nevada State Museum. Exhibits treat Native Americans and railroad pioneers to casino impresarios, mobsters and showgirls. The surrounding nature preserve has walking trails, an eco-living educational center, a green-themed gift shop and a café.

Grand Canyon

More than just a big hole in the ground, this ethereal wind- and water-sculpted landscape ranks among the USA’s top natural attractions. Tip: Skip the gimmicky SkyWalk and visit the national park instead. From Las Vegas, several companies offer bus tours, or take a flight-seeing trip aboard a private helicopter or plane (from $209; If you drive, it’s about 4½ hours each way.

Hoover Dam

This art-deco desert masterpiece of engineering towers above the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, backing up onto artificial Lake Mead. Learn all about the history of the dam, built during the 1930s Great Depression, while taking an underground tour that visit the dam’s massive hydroelectric generators, each of which could power a small city of 10,000 people. Bus tours from Las Vegas are inexpensive and can be booked after arrival.

Mount Charleston

Nestled in the Spring Mountains, outdoorsy locals come here to hike during summer The drive northwest of the city takes about an hour.

Neon Museum

Take a trip through time on a guided walking tour of downtown’s vintage “boneyard” of neon signs. Gems such as the Stardust casino’s magnificent marquee and Binion’s lucky horseshoe sign have found their eternal rest here. Make tour reservations in advance or drop by the museum’s visitor center, inside the restored mid-century modern La Concha Motel lobby, to check on last-minute availability.

The High Roller

Located opposite Ceasar’s Palace, The High Roller is the biggest ferris wheel in the world – more than 100 feet taller than the London Eye and a shade taller than the previous record-holder, the 541-foot Singapore Flyer. It features 28 capsules, each of which holds up to 40 people, while a full revolution takes 30 minutes. Tickets cost $24.95 (£15) during daylight hours, and $34.95 (£21) at night. Queue-jumping VIP passes cost $59.95.

Pool Parties

Throughout the summer, resort pools across Las Vegas host world famous DJ’s at pool parties. Try Wet Republic at the MGM Grand or the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel. See here for the top 10 Las Vegas Pool parties.

Top 6 holiday destinations for fasting travelers – Part Two

4. Spain

Eager to cater to the growing Muslim tourism market, Spanish tourism authorities offers a variety of city tours and halal services that offer visitors the chance to see both the traditional and modern side of Spain, including the European country’s art, culture, cuisine, shopping and sports, particularly those that celebrate its Arab and Islamic legacy.

According to Carlos Hernandez, tourism promotion coordinator for Spain in the Gulf region, hotels also offer specific services to cater to the needs of its Muslim guests including “details like a small ‘Islamic chapel’ or an indication of the direction of Mecca” that he says “can make a big difference.” While many hotels are 100% halal, others do include a special halal menu that include “recommendations of dishes that combine fish, vegetables and fruit translated into Arabic.”

Spain’s SHA clinic also offer special detox programs to cleanse the body during Ramadan. These programs include traditional dishes and juices for iftar and suhoor as well as medical consultants, massages, nutrition advisers, workshops and exercising areas within the clinic.

5. Australia

With sunny winters providing perfect escape for Muslim tourists looking to escape the oppressive summer heat, Australia is also a great travel destination for fasting visitors.

In the Gold Coast, known for its sun-kissed beaches, the city has also opened prayer rooms in shopping malls and theme parks with many leading hotels providing halal food and copies of the Quran and prayer mats in its guest rooms. The Ramadan Lounge at the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Surfers Paradise offers fasting residents and visitors a comfortable place to break their daily fast with dates, snacks and coffee for free, three evenings a week.

They also provide a special Gold Coast Muslim Visitors Guide listing all of the city’s halal-certified restaurants.

6. United Arab Emirates

Not surprisingly, the United Arab Emirates is another popular halal holiday destination for fasting visitors who are looking to get away but not venture too far from home. With the aim to transform the city of Dubai into a hub of Islamic culture and learning, the special “Ramadan in Dubai” program provides residents and visitors with a wide variety of cultural, social and spiritual activities including the Ramadan Night market, summer camps, the annual Ramadan Majlis that offer some of the finest Arabic cuisine and annual Holy Quran recital competitions for students and adults.

“With Dubai being a leading family tourism destination, and home to many cultures, ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ will showcase the emirate’s diverse tourism offerings within a modern Arabic setting while still retaining its Islamic values and roots,” said Laila Mohammad Suhail, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment.

For those really looking to enjoy the lavishsness that the UAE has to offer, many luxury hotels lay out elaborate, Bedouin-like mega-tents that can seat hundreds of people looking to break fast in style. Complete with live cooking stations, performers, shisha parlors, and rows of delicious food including Lebanese, Egyptian and Turkish cuisine and of course, Emirati, they are definitely an experience for any local or visitor.

Even getting to and from a destination is becoming easier for fasting travelers as airlines including British Airways, Qantas flights, Emirates and Etihad seek to provide special Ramadan services and accommodate fasting guests.

“For [those] fasting during Ramadan and travelling on flights departing or arriving close to iftar, a specially packed Ramadan refreshment box will be made available,” said Aubrey Tiedt, the vice-president of guest services for Etihad. “The refreshment box includes Arabic dates, a laban drink, a freshly prepared sandwich and a bottle of water. Our cabin crew will inform guests about both suhoor and iftar timings through on-board announcements. We also have prayer mats and prayer areas on-board for our guests’ convenience.”

So for those looking to get away this Ramadan, get booking, make reservations and have a delightful experience. Ramadan Kareem!

Top 6 holiday destinations for fasting travelers

For many of us, the joy of traveling to a foreign country during the summer gives us the perfect opportunity to dive in and sample a different culture, engage with locals, gorge on traditional cuisine and wander through bustling markets under the warm summer sun.

But with Ramadan falling during the end-of-school summer period, many travelers observing the Holy Month often prefer the comfort of their own home, family and friends rather than deal with the difficulties of fasting all day in a non-Muslim country. In most Muslim countries, locals, tourists and non-Muslims are expected to observe the fast while in public as a sign of respect with many eateries closed during the day. In non-Muslim countries, however, this is not the case.

“My concept of a holiday is to take a break from everything related to real life,” said Moroccan sales manager Madiha Zoubiri. “If I was fasting, I wouldn’t be able to do all of the activities I would like to do as a tourist, like sightseeing, visiting museums, taking long walks, or going to the beach.”

However, many tourism authorities, hotels and airlines are offering flexible hours, halal services and cultural events to welcome and cater to Muslim tourists looking to travel this time of year. And why wouldn’t they?

Muslim tourists accounted for an estimated US $126 billion, just over 12 percent of the total expenditure on travel, leisure and business in 2011, according to the Global Muslim Lifestyle Tourism Market 2012 study by Dinar Standard and Crescent-Rating.

“Muslim travelers appreciate that we understand their cultural differences and needs,” said Andrew Oldfield, Tourism Queensland’s marketing manager for Gulf countries. “It leaves a lasting impression and hopefully will be a small part of larger stories and positive experiences that travelers take home with them and will encourage repeat holidays or other family and friends to visit us.”

With unique services, activities and amenities catered toward fasting guests, here are a few countries you should definitely consider if you’re looking to get away this Ramadan:

1. United Kingdom

With one of the largest Muslim communities living in a non-Muslim country, Britain is an ideal place to visit during the Holy Month and help visitors and tourists to feel like home.

“[London] is a true melting pot of the world’s cultures and has a thriving Middle Eastern scene,” said Annique Labuschagne, manager of Gulf markets for VisitBritain. “Here, travelers can meet local Arabs and Muslims, chat in their coffee shops, eat in restaurants serving halal meat, and pick up Arabic fast food and pastries from delis. In these bustling districts, visitors will find halal butchers and Anglo-Arab retailers, including specialist grocers and food stores.”

Many hotels across London work to accommodate the needs of fasting guests including late-night requests and instructing the housekeeping staff not to clean their rooms during the day to avoid interrupting their sleep. They also employ Arabic speaking staff to cater to their non-English speaking visitors as well. The highlight of Ramadan in the region, however, is the annual Eid festival celebrated in Trafalgar Square, London that includes live music, delicious cuisine from across the globe as well as exciting activities for children including face-painting, calligraphy, henna and sports. The UK is sure to be a peaceful yet exhilarating place to visit with the family this Ramadan.

2. Malaysia

Despite the challenging humidity and heat during the summer, Malaysia has consistently topped the list as the top “halal holiday destination” for Muslim tourists. In largely Muslim Malaysia, Muslim-run eateries don’t usually open until mid-afternoon.

One of the highlights of Ramadan in Malaysia are the daily Pasar Ramadans (open-air food markets) that include an unbelievable variety of dishes that range from the classic cendol (coconut milk and sugar) in plastic bags and Kari ayan (curry chicken) to traditional Ramadan staples like dates and baklava to make Arab guests feel right at home.

There are also mosques across the Asian nation making Malaysia a travel favorite for Muslim tourists.

3. Turkey

It should come as no surprise that Turkey’s tourism industry booms during the Ramadan season given the fact that it is closer to the Middle East and other Muslim-majority countries and the pleasant weather during the summer. Turks and visitors are advised to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in public during daylight hours to be polite and respect people who are fasting. While restaurants are open during the day however, most of them do cover their windows and doors to prevent fasting individuals from getting distracted. Many restaurants also offer special Ramadan menus at night and often refrain from serving alcoholic beverages this time of year.

“Many restaurants are ready with their special menu for iftar. They prepare Turkish foods, kebabs, traditional desserts such as baklava, and güllaç [a special dish served during Ramadan] made with milk, nuts and pistachio, which is often enjoyed in cafes,” said Mustafa Özdemir, the cultural and information attaché for the Turkish Consulate General Cultural & Information Office.

After breaking fast at iftar, different parts of the city are lit with strings of colored lights, mosques are illuminated and a celebratory, carnival atmosphere takes over the streets of Turkey with booths set up all over town selling religious books and paraphernalia, traditional snacks, tokens and ornaments for children. Thousands of locals and visitors also gather around with the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque, with friends, family and picnic baskets for iftar on the lawn.

Hot travel destinations in Brazil

Are you thinking about traveling to Brazil or will you just be imagining that you’re there as you watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Here are some of the hottest travel destinations that will make you wish you could take a vacation immediately.

Copacabana Beach

Often referred to as the world’s most famous beach, Copacabana is three miles long and is lined with countless attractions for locals and visitors.

Christ the Redeemer

Perhaps one of the most recognizable landmarks in Rio de Janeiro, this 98-foot statue is located at the peak of the 2,300 foot tall Corcovado mountain.

Iguazu Falls

These beautiful waterfalls are of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentina province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paran.

Ipanema Beach

This is the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro that inspired the classic song ‘The Girl from Ipanema,’ a beach so beautiful that people applaud to the sunset in the summer.

Praia Vermelha (Red Beach)

This is possibly the most idyllic beach of Rio. This tiny oasis of quietness and beauty got its name because it becomes flushed with red at sunsets.

Salvador de Bahia

The “City of the Holy Savior of the Bay of all Saints” is known as Brazil’s capital of happiness due to its countless popular outdoor parties including its street carnival, one of the largest in the world.

Sugarloaf Mountain

This beautiful 1,299-foot peak situated in Rio de Janeiro is at the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Tijuca Forest

This 12.4-square-mile rainforest, claiming to be the largest urban forest, is home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife — many of which are threatened by extinction.

Vista Chinesa

This monument is located at about 1,246 feet high in the Tijuca Forest and is famous for its oriental style gazebo and spectacular views of Rio de Janeiro.

Five hidden US travel destinations

US President Barack Obama rattled off a list of iconic US tourist destinations as he launched a campaign to attract more international visitors. But what about the places that could be world-renowned – but aren’t?

“When it comes to tourism, we have a great product to sell,” said the president, while visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, last month.

“Nothing says `Made in America’ better than the Empire State Building or the Hoover Dam.”

It was part of a pitch for foreign visitors to spend their money on American travel.

But these places are old hat. Five travel experts give their view on the places that aren’t on the international tourist map, but should be.

Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Though founded in England, the Shaker faith left an indelible mark on American culture – from Aaron Copland orchestral suites to an enduring design aesthetic. Known for their simple lifestyle but doomed by their aversion to procreation, the Shakers peaked in the 19th century.

In Harrodsburg, Kentucky, however it is still possible to experience “a retreat into a slower, more reflective way of life”, says Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Things to See Before You Die. There you’ll find the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, “one of the few restored Shaker communities where you can stay overnight”, she says.

The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill provides a glimpse into this part of American history, as well as a lot of lovely scenery – rolling hills, horse farms, stone fences and 3,000 acres (1,214 Ha) of beautiful countryside.

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Colorado has no shortage of natural beauty, from the snow-capped Rockies to its 24 million acres of forests. But in the south-western corner of Colorado, natural beauty, man-made innovation and a unique American history combine at Mesa Verde National Park.

“Thousands of years ago, housing for Native Americans was carved into the side of the mountains,” says Kim Mance, editor of The ancient Pueblos began carving dwellings in the 12th Century, and 200 years later they had established an entire city in the sandstone, including a palace with 150 rooms.

Now tourists can wander through the dwellings on guided tours, or hike, camp or snowshoe through the park. “It’s magical,” says Mance.

The area is rich with parks, ruins and other destinations: Mesa Verde is also just a short trip away from the Four Corners, where the borders of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah converge. Mace also singles out the nearby town of Durango, Colorado, which boasts a mix of modern restaurants and shopping as well as historic attractions like dude ranches and an 1880s-era steam-powered train.

The Finger Lakes, New York

Though Sonoma County and Napa Valley in California are world-renowned destinations for wine lovers, New York’s Finger Lakes region is a must-visit for any oenophile.

“It’s an area of gorgeous waterfall filled-hikes, a burgeoning local culinary scene and more than 100 wineries set among two-lane roads, rolling hills and seasonal roadside stands,” says Allison Busacca, the editor of BBC Travel.

Busacca says the crowds don’t flock to the Finger Lakes the way they do to California wine country. It’s also an easy side trip for those hitting the big sites in New York City – it’s just four hours north, making it a perfect complement for foreign visitors looking to see a lot of America during a quick trip.

The wine, especially Rieslings and reds, are consistently award-winning, but the prices are low.

“Tasting fees are rarely more than $5, winery owners are easy to find in the tasting room, and hotels and restaurants in the region are often half the price – if not more – than comparable properties and meals in New York City.”

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

The entire city of Chicago should be a top destination for anyone visiting the States, says Lonely Planet travel guide writer Karla Zimmerman. She says that the Windy City has restaurants, shows, shopping and culture to match any other US city.

“I’m always surprised when I talk to people who are well travelled, but have never been to Chicago,” she says. “They’ve heard Chicago is cool but never thought it was worth going out of the way for. It’s fly-over territory.”

Chicago may be more appealing to the foreign traveller now for its association with President Obama, who calls the Hyde Park neighbourhood his home.

Within that neighbourhood is Jackson Park, site of the 1893 World’s Fair, which introduced both the Ferris Wheel and moving pictures to the world.

The expo’s Palace of Fine Arts is now the city’s Museum of Science and Industry, a gorgeous Beaux-Arts building right on Lake Michigan that is now the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere.

Valley of Fire, Nevada

In 2013, 40 million people visited Las Vegas. But for the international traveller feeling overwhelmed by all the glitz and gaudiness of the Strip, serenity is just thirty miles north.

“It looks like another planet,” says Andy Murdock, managing editor at AirBnB. In fact, scenes from several movies have been shot at Valley of Fire, Nevada’s largest state park.

Here, the sparkle is provided by hundreds of thousands of stars, not neon on the Vegas strip, and the skyline is dominated by swirling red sandstone formations instead of giant casinos.

Murdock notes that car rentals in Sin City are usually inexpensive, and a trip to the park can provide a much-needed palate cleanser.

Travel: Venice Attractions – Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge in the city. The Rialto Bridge is in lagoon of Venice. It was built in the period from 1588 and 1592, connecting the two districts of San Marco and San Polo. It is a 48 m long and 22 m wide covered crossing. Until 1854, it was the only way to cross the Grand Canal. Today, there are two more bridges to cross the channel but they are not so well known.

It is a great pleasure for each one to sit at the Rialto Bridge on the banks of the Grand Canal in one of the many restaurants or cafes and enjoy fine Italian cuisine and at the same time to observe the hustle and bustle.For each visitor to Venice trip on the Grand Canal is an amazing experience.

Indeed, in Venice can be found many sights – amoretto (public transport) along the Grand Canal, or you can choose the option of romantic gondola ride with music and song and so on.Who wants to see the sights of Venice, must visit the Doge’s Palace, because this is one of the biggest highlights. Eleven centuries of Venetian history are reflected in the Doge’s Palace and the charisma and the power of attraction of the young Republic is portrayed by glorious paintings by Paolo Veronese and Tintoretto.

On the first floor of the Doge’s Palace is the home of the Doge, the so-called Appartamentodel Doge. The Doge’s Palace Venice is very interesting, really.In 814 and until 9 Century the Doge’s Palace was the seat of the Doge and judiciary. It is one of the most important secular buildings.The Venetian Palace is regarded as the embodiment of propaganda and self-expression and as a work of splendour of Venetian architecture.

Now it is a museum, which can be visited and create unforgettable memories for every tourist. The entrance fee is from 5.50 euros to 9.00 euros. From 01 April to 31 October is open from 9.00 to 19.00.During the remaining time, you could visit it from 9.00 to 17.00.

Travel: Destination Italy – The Venice attractions

Venice St. Mark’s Square

The Piazza San Marco is the best-known and most important square in Venice and one of the major attractions of Venice. The place is located in the south of the lagoon city and is 175 meters long and up to 82 meters wide. Tourists and countless pigeons populate it. Also, around the Piazza San Marco are some of the most important sights of Venice. Starting on the Grand Canal is the world famous Doge’s Palace, followed by the Porta della Carta.

This gate connects the Doge’s Palace St Mark’s Basilica. Then, the clock tower, the Magistrates, the Campanile with the Logetta and the BibliotecaMarciana. The Doge’s Palace is a gothic building and was impressive symbol of power of the Republic of Venice. Since the 9th Century, it was the seat of the Doge, who were elected by the National Assembly. A guided tour of the palace is sure to be a highlight of a visit to Venice.The St. Mark’s offers a fantastic interior. The reconstruction started which was completed 1094. The mosaics are an impressive example of European mosaic art of the Middle Ages.

St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica St Mark’s Square is over a thousand years old. In the middle of the 19th Century was built a chapel of the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Church became more and more important.St. Mark’s Basilica is on the Piazza San Marco Campanile.Visitors can expect an overwhelming sight inside the cathedral.

In the 15th And 18 Century, the mosaics of some famous Venetian artists were then replaced here. However, the floor also deserves attention, because the floor mosaics cover an area of 2,000 m². To protect many mosaics were covered with carpets, but otherwise ornaments, animal motifs and patterns are offered in perspective.

The remains of St. Mark are housed in the high altar. In the plate are incorporated countless pearls and precious stones.The Venice attractions are open Monday to Saturday from 9:45 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00 clock.

Travel: Destination Italy – Visit the sights of Rome

Runkel castle stone near Bolzano

The Runkel stone castle is located near Bolzano. You can find here attractive, landscaped grounds. Talfer stands high above the old castle on a former sheltered rock and looks down at the Sarn Valley. The Runkel stone castle has retained its medieval charm. It presents many frescoes, exhibitions and events. To Bolzano tourism include the history of the castle and its art and cultural.

In 1390 the chapel was beautiful, a true masterpiece of architecture. Only the painting of the interior life is evidence of a lot of creativity and artistic commitment. The four-storey west palace at the west front of the castle refers to unique and beautiful frescoes. It is the largest secular fresco cycle of a medieval building, which tells that story of Tristan and Isolde, the brave knights of King Arthur and his Round Table, the history of Vintler’s and such a spiritual wall painting from the Bible.

The Runkel stone castle is open all year. To see this unique facility, there are guided tours available. The Castle Tavern, which serves the Bolzano Tourist, offers delicious meals – the trip through the Middle Ages. The place in the courtyard can be rented for weddings or corporate events.

Rome St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is the world’s largest self-supporting brick building – 211.5 meters long and 132.5 feet wide. It is the Basilica houses the largest nave in Europe. The monumental church was inaugurated in 1623 after 117 years of construction – the foundation stone was laid in 1506 under Pope Julius II.

Famous architects and artists such as Michelangelo and Raphael were involved in the construction.Beautiful art treasures adorn St. Peter’s Basilica, including the Pietà by Michelangelo (1499). The altar is located above the assumed tomb of Peter.Under St. Peter’s Basilica are located the Vatican Grottoes.

They are originated in 1546.The caves have served as the tomb of the popes and storage of various art treasures.Below the caves is another of Rome sights – the necropolis with tombs from ancient times.

Getting Creative With Musicians Advice

Looking for a Wedding Band Even if you are not a musician, it is still possible for you to have music inclination. If you have important gatherings like wedding, there are many things that come to your mind. You might be thinking so much on food. However, you need to provide your guests very special show at the end of dinner. If you are planning to know their expertise, then, you have to let them play several genres live. Hiring band is the best way you can share to entertain all of your guests. There are some important things that you need to keep in mind when hiring. Getting a neophyte is just good if you think of paying a small amount but you do not want to compromise the comfort of your guests just by playing non-sense sounds. You can find the best bands in town but you have to do your best to look for the right one in the yellow listing. If you do not want to take time scanning the yellow list, then, you may like browsing the internet. It may sound very impractical to hire musicians outside the town because you have to pay them big. If you want to be practical, hiring a musical entertainer to give your guests the entertainment they deserve is a wise act.
3 Lessons Learned: Bands
You should only choose a group of musician from reliable companies. If the company existed for many years, then, it is highly-reputable. You would like to know a lot about the wedding band that you are supposed to hire just to know if your gut feeling is right.
Questions About Events You Must Know the Answers To
There is no doubt that calling for a personal meeting with your soon-to-be chosen wedding band is a good decision for it is one way of knowing them better. You will be happy to do that because aside from knowing their great talents, you would also know how their personalities off the stage. If you would want them to play sample music to you, then, you can ask them to. You will know how experienced they are for they could give you music of any genre. You also need to prepare the contract ahead of time just to be sure they will be present in the actual gathering. Tell them straight about the type of gathering you have and at the same time the people you want to invite so that they would have an idea of the songs to be played. It is a way of showing to them that you also care because you help them prepare for the actual show. Since they would also be excited to be asked about talent fee, it is one thing you need to know personally from them. If the band is less popular, then, it would never convince you to pay big. Hiring a wedding band will never be difficult if you will follow the suggestions given on this article.

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Relationships

Getting Into The Game Of Attracting Women Most men today don’t really know the essentials and fundamentals in attracting women. Men should know that women are really into neat and clean men, presentable and confidence and this article will be discussing how to be that kind of man. Even in the past, men always have a lot of questions and troubles when it comes to attracting women and the number one problem that men have is their lack of confidence. We all know that women are able to sense out the confidence of a man and they really like someone that could handle themselves in whatever situation. We could say that confidence is one thing to attract women, there is another thing that men should have to take a look and evaluate of themselves and that would be their physical appearance. If you dress well, you are a presentable man and women of today loves presentable men. Confidence still plays a huge part in this because you will have to be confident with how you dress and how you look for women so that they could really see that you are likeable. Insecurities could always fail you in attracting women and all men should know this. Women are also attracted to men who have great hygiene and this is an important factor that you should never forget. This means that you will have to take some time in reevaluating your hygiene if you have body odor somewhere you should take care of it as soon as possible. After you have changed your personality and started to become more hygienic then you could see that a lot of women would want to be with you more than ever. You might notice that these things we’re talking about are for physical appearances, the reason is that women would first use their basic senses to be attracted like their sight, and sense of smell. Attitude will then come last because women would be attracted to your attitude after they have met you or talked with you. Being gentle with women, being a good listener and being open to women are some of the great qualities that women would like in men. Men should be positive with every situation because women don’t like to be with negative people and this means it is important that men should be optimistic all the times. Now you have learned that there’s a lot to do so that you are able to attract women and take not that this is not everything that a man needs to posses to attract women.

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Lesbian Online Dating – Easy and Comfortable Relationships One needs to be aware of the fact that everything our world has today have its own parallel medium to acquire a much wider expression. This is likewise the same that of the lesbian dating websites that are available today. It is true that so many people these days now owns a computer and almost all of them have access to the internet. This is why the process of creating a profile at social networking sites and providing even your sexual preference is the easiest thing when you have the internet for a lesbian relationship. Through these sites, you have the freedom of doing anything such as having to place information like the interest and activities that you love and be able to place your photograph. You could in fact find so many websites today who are fully dedicated in aiding you for searching good lesbian relationship. There are actually a lot of people today who are actually already into these kind of websites. Although there are a lot of people don’t really admit that we will all feel lonely when we are living single in our lives. Such case is actually the same with lesbians. Lots of lesbians actually have the issue of finding a partner and so many lesbians are still in this case because they are still not ready in coming out of the closet. But, a lot of reasons are actually present because of it because of the fact that for the lack of parental acceptance, social ostracism and also with professional discrimination. It is a fact that today, a lot of people are still looking at lesbians as somebody that is different. This is actually a reason why a lot of them have problems in looking for a suitable partner.
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If ever you have this kind of problem, the best solution for it would be through the online dating sites. A thing that you actually need to do is to register for these sites. There are some of these websites who will be able to provide you with suitable matches for you.
A Quick Rundown of Relationships
The procedure of lesbian dating is in fact very easy because some of these sites will provide aid for their clients. Such sites are in fact easy to operate and there are those that comes with excellent forums. So many people are in fact registering to these kind of websites and certainly has increased its popularity over the years. These kind of websites are truly handy as it is able to provide more confidence, ensure safety and also gives the assurance of security. It is also true that so many lesbians worldwide have gained its benefit from it because they easily are able to learn more about their date and also able to find one easily.

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Separation Cases Becomes Lighter With A Divorce Lawyer Separation from your spouse could be emotionally draining on both parties. The decision that ought to be made could be very exhausting similar to the assets, spousal support, child custody and all other factors of marriage even if the couple is about to split amicably. When there’s a dispute or perhaps if the partners are unable to discuss a mutual agreeable matter, that is the time when it will be necessary to hire a divorce lawyer. The negotiation process can be smoothed and lessen the stress of the situation while guaranteeing that both needs are met through the guidance, unbiased legal representation and experience of a lawyer. Handling this specific type of case is not for all legal representatives. It may be tough and daunting to find and employ the right family law attorney who can protect your rights. But, considering that you have found an attorney, here are some added values that you can acquire from their service.
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Years of work experience to help in settling the affairs that the couple have during their marriage dissolution is what legal experts who specialize in family law can offer. This is going to include the division of property and assets. In most instances, the nature of the assets has made these elements to be quite complicated. Take this for instance, the sale of a property might result in considerable capital gain taxes.
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Your family law attorney can certainly be a big help to negotiate the details that is surrounding the visitation rights as well as child custody. They could even address issues that are related to the support provision from one spouse to another. To be in general, they are able to provide a legal advice that is very beneficial for clients. Legal experts who are specializing in dealing with divorce cases is the best you can have compared to hiring an attorney who does not. There are a number of reasons why their experience is very valuable like for instance, they’re familiar with local judges, the experience they have in such case can make the trial less stressful and so on. There are divorce lawyers who are very communicative, meaning, they are returning calls and answering emails and questions in a timely manner. But also, there are some other lawyers who may make you wait for several days before you can get an answer. When it comes to the latter, the situation that is something stressful already may turn out to be a more horrible experience when you work with such lawyer. Inquire the lawyer about their way of communication during the initial consultation to avoid this; by doing so, you can have an idea on what to expect from him/her.

Phentermine 37.5 mg: Increasing Your Chances of Achieving Success in Dating

All people need food; this is one of our basic needs. Eating the appropriate foods improves our energy. However, most people choose to consume foods that are not healthy, making them encounter weight problems. Unhealthy foods have high amounts of fats; these foods will cause obesity and will ultimately lead to serious health difficulties. Now, if you’d like to bring back your self-confidence and is searching for an effective option to shed off some pounds, then it is the very best time to use Phentermine 37.5 mg as it is written at site. This hunger controller helps you feel full for longer so that you will eat less. It also hastens the rate of your metabolism.
The main issue experienced by a lot of overweight folks in terms of dating is their lack of self-confidence. Due to their large size, they feel they’re not good enough. It is a sad truth that in dating, self-confidence plays a huge role. Most of the time, it’s the physical appearance that people are more concerned of when searching for a date. We tend to get enticed quickly if our date has good appearance. Thus, if you’re overweight and you’re searching for someone to date and be in a relationship with eventually, then using Phentermine 37.5 mg is the definite solution.
You can bring your self-confidence back in a good way, and this is through taking Phentermine 37.5 mg. No need to go to the gym for a workout or depriving yourself with various types of diet since through this supplement, you will be able to obtain your wished-for physique in no time. Taking this supplement would deliver good results if you pair it with dieting and exercise. With the aid of this diet supplement, your dating experience will be wonderful. Through this supplement, you’ll come out even more confident in finding the most suitable individual to be with for life. Dating will be on your side, and it will no longer be difficult for you to find your soul mate.
Being confident in yourself contributes a lot to your success in dating. Look your best starting now, take Phentermine 37.5 mg.

Phentermine: Boosting Your Chances of Achieving Success in Dating

For all people, food is important to live. Consuming the appropriate foods improves our energy. But, wrong food selections can create weight issues in the future. Because of this, people become fat and obese. This will lead to other complications like psychological and physical  health complications. Hence, if you’re in search of an effective option to lose weight so as to regain self-confidence, then it’s time to give phentermine a try. This hunger controller speeds up your metabolism and will make you feel less hungry.
The number one problem that bothers obese individuals when it comes to dating is their lack of self-confidence. Due to their large size, they feel they’re not good enough. We need to accept the sad truth that if you’re not confident enough, then you will have poor chances of dating someone. Most of the time, it is the physical appearance that men and women are more concerned of when looking for a date. Having desirable looks is an easy way for a person to be appreciated. If you are an obese individual, then you should take phentermine (read more here). This is to improve your chances of getting a date, and hopefully, finding somebody for a long-term relationship.
You can bring your self-confidence back in a healthy way, and this is by taking Phentermine. No need to go to the gym for a workout or depriving yourself with different kinds of diet because with this supplement, you’ll be able to obtain your desired shape in no time. However, you will enjoy quick results if you use this supplement along with regular exercise and healthy diet. With this slimming pill, for sure you’ll have a fun and exciting date. With this supplement, you’ll come out even more confident in finding the perfect person to be with for life. Plus, you will find it easy to look for someone to date and become your soul mate.
You can accelerate your success more quickly in dating if you are confident about yourself. Appear your best starting today, take phentermine.

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How to Confidently Talk to Women Many men around the globe find it important to know the tricks for talking to women. When men know the secrets to talking to women, it would be easy for them to improve their relationships and their love life as a whole. Aside from those, they could also improve relationships in the career aspect if they know how to talk to women. It is important to be able to speak to women with confidence and there are benefits to it as well. Confidence in men actually gives the impression of a guy who is comfortable with his physicality ad his character and that makes him comfortable about every word that comes out from his mouth. For people who don’t have the guts to say what they want to say, the individuals they talk to may not find it easy to trust their words. Confidence is actually very contagious and aids in attracting personalities. If there is confidence in the way you speak, you can expect more people, especially women, to be closer to you. One tool that could help you be comfortable and confident when talking to women is your self-esteem. However, learning how to talk to women is not a big problem. You can make use of some tricks to improve your skills in conversing with women.
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It is essential to have a purpose when you are talking. This could be something that many people know about, but not all men are knowledgeable about this. When you know what the purpose of the conversation is, you will know how to keep the conversation going. It is important to remember that you have to speak slowly. At the same time, make sure that your talk gets interesting and as brief as possible. By doing so, you are giving your audience a better chance to listen to you well.
The Essentials of Dates – Revisited
There are actually men who also move about while they are talking. This often occurs to men who are going to talk to women for the first time. The most common thing men would do is their hand gestures. Some men would just keep moving their feet or change postures every now and then. This is something that you want to avoid. Although this could be normal, especially when a man is nervous, you can do something to change it. However, only practice and concentration can help you get rid of the unnecessary gestures. It is important to know that the changes will not happen overnight. You must be able to take time to practice and find it in you the will power to change and be a better man at doing conversations. You can actually have your signature movements, but make sure to not overdo it. You may want to know more about how to talk to women confidently. It would be great if somebody can help you coach and achieve your goals.